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hyperbaric oxygen therapy

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Inside our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber the atmospheric pressure is increased while a fitted oxygen mask provides 95% oxygen concentration.  Due to the density of the pressurised air, your lungs can gather many more oxygen molecules than normal and this is transported through your body via not just red blood cells, but also the plasma. 

What does it feel like?
The start of the chamber experience feels very much like descending in a plane. Once the optimum pressure has been reached (1.35 ATA) you won’t notice the change in pressure anymore.
Who comes to use the HBOT?
We have been proudly offering HBOT to the Northern Rivers and Southern Gold Coast area since December 2018.  Over this time we have had people from all walks of life and all ages in our chamber.  Professional athletes, MS sufferers, brain injured patients, people with breathing difficulties, non healing wounds, post surgical patients, travellers with jet lag and many more have used our HBOT with great results. 
What do you do inside?
Our chamber has a higher flow rate of oxygen than most 1.35 chambers, so you cannot bring electrical devices inside such as phones, ipads or headphones. You can however bring a book or take a nap, our patients all report having a great sleep inside!
What do I wear?
Comfortable, loose fitting clothes are best. Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes for the comfort of the user after you.
Is it safe?
 Yes!  Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance at GPT, so we follow a strict HBOT protocol when putting you in the chamber and while recompressing you back to normal pressure.

As with all treatments, there are some small risks but your therapist will go through a medical questionnaire prior to your first appointment to judge your suitability for this therapy and any contraindications which may prevent you using the chamber.

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