Trillian’s Cancer Massage Journey

Our newest recruit has a personal story to share, about how she came to have such an interest in Oncology Massage.

Massage and Cancer Recovery

When I first heard that my mother had breast cancer, I stood in disbelief. I felt numb. Not knowing what to feel or how to be. And speaking with others, they’ve felt similar feelings of helplessness.

Cancer has sadly become an everyday reality for so many in Australia. According to the Cancer Council, it’s expected that one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by 85.

Thankfully, I had knowledge & experience of how I ‘as a massage therapist’ was able to assist and support my mother through her journey of recovery.

Massage during cancer – Busting Myths

One of the worries first-time patients have, is whether it’s safe to have massages. Studies have shown that cancer spreads due to changes to a cell’s DNA, along with other processes. Massage will not affect the spread. In fact, massage can help with many symptoms of those undergoing treatment such as providing;

Emotional support
Stress and anxiety unfortunately are a natural part of enduring an illness. Cancer treatments, mammograms and surgeries can be very invasive and make you feel like a specimen. It takes a toll mentally having to constantly be prepared to fight the disease.

My clients have mentioned that the physical comfort that a massage provides is reassuring and nurturing. One woman commented how safe it made her feel, during a time of such disruption in other areas of her life.

Physical improvement
Pain, fatigue and nausea are just a few of the symptoms one may experience. Studies have demonstrated that regular massage reduces the impact of these symptoms for patients by up to 50%. In this study of almost 1,300 people, participants were asked to score their symptoms before and after massage. Patients also noted that the longer the massage the better the outcome.

Reduced Stress
Nurturing touch has the power to assist in letting go of suppressed emotions and can increase positive emotions. Massage has been proven to reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, particularly in oncology patients. One study found significant reduction in serum cortisol and prolactin levels, of participants’ arms that had received aromatherapy massage, compared to traditional rest.

What to expect
A trained skilled oncology massage therapist knows how to provide a safe and modified massage that is sensitive to what patients may be going through. We will take into account medications you may be on, treatments you may be having, and stress triggers that you may have. They will use appropriate pressure depending on your requirements and modifications to the directions of lymphatic elimination if there have been any lymph glands removed. Extra cushioned supports, draping techniques, calm lighting all to allow you to feel secure and pampered.

No matter how helpless this disease makes us feel (whether it is your reality or a loved one), we are in control of how we choose to deal with it.

If you have any further questions about massage while fighting cancer, please call 13 11 20 to speak with the Cancer Council.

Business Awards Success For GPT!

It’s Business Awards Season!

The team at Global Performance Therapy were stoked to be finalists at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards Tweed Shire for the Health Care and Wellness Industry. This is a great honour for all of us, but the team were even more stoked with Donna’s win in the Outstanding Business Leader category.

The NSW Business Chamber Awards are the highest honour in the state for business acumen, and they attract businesses and companies both big and small. Businesses from every field and industry are represented, not just healthcare.

Donna then went on to win the Regional Award for the Northern Rivers, held at Ballina in October and hosted by Tracey Spicer. This means she will be representing our amazing slice of the coast at the State Awards in Sydney in November. Of the win, Donna said “this acknowledgement from the Business Chamber means so very much to me, after not knowing if I’d ever run my business again! My traumatic brain injury was nearly the end of my career, but I couldn’t be prouder of myself right now. Thank you to iCare for supporting this business award!”

Good Luck at the State Awards, Donna!

GPT Opens New Sports Clinic in Kingscliff, December 2018

Proudly now operating beside Xcell Health & Fitness in the Kingscliff Professional Centre, GPT opened its’ new doors in December.  Boasting 2 treatment rooms, a generous mobility space and the first hyperbaric oxygen chamber on the Tweed Coast.  The team has also expanded to include Remedial Massage Therapist, Billie Parsons.  Welcome Billie! You can also now book online, check out our “About Us” Section.

Sponsorship News, January 2019

Taking on another year of sponsorship of up and coming Boxer Rachel Loder was an easy decision!  Rachel had a stellar 2018 with 2 pro wins and is now shaping up for her first title bout this year.  Our role is to help Rach feel training ready every day by addressing any soft tissue tightness or dysfunction.  We prevent injuries by keeping her mobile and speed up recovery 3 times faster with the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

For more information on Fight Nights and boxing for fitness please contact Kingscliff Boxing Stables 0401 435 407

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on the Tweed Coast, January 2019

The team are very excited to share the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in the Tweed region.  After Donna’s personal experience in the USA recovering from a brain injury using HBOT, she wanted to make this state of the art therapy available to everyone.

Our Australian designed chamber is a 1.35 ATA, 2 person portable model with 10 LPM Oxygen flow at 92-97% concentration.

To read more about how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help you, check out the information on our homepage or call us on 0474 156 404.  You can also send us an email

Celebration of Australian Women in Surf 2017

Donna attended the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation Gala at the Manly Novotel in October, celebrating the achievements of Australian Women in Surf.  The black-tie event showcased the immense talent of women’s surfing in Australia’s past, present and future, honouring World Champions Layne Beachley and Pam Burridge for their contributions to the sport.

Keely Andrew, 2016 Rookie of the year took to the stage for a special Q&A with rising star Sabre Norris and Sally Fitzgibbons.  The audience also heard from WSL Women’s Commissioner Jessie Miley-Dyer and Surfing Australia’s CEO Andrew Stark.

The event, hosted by Sally herself, was a great success and several thousand dollars was raised to help stop childhood obesity in Australia.

See the event video here

GPT Prepares For Expansion

The team behind GPT are very excited to announce a clinic expansion coming in 2018, which will include more practitioners from multidisciplinary backgrounds and a new, designer space.

We are happy to maintain our working relationship with Surfing Australia to assist our athletes through the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Selection and Campaign.

Follow us on instagram for updates as the new plans come to fruition.


Brand Ambassador News, Feb 2017

Donna Masing, owner of Global Performance Therapy is pleased to announce a new partnership with vegan cosmetics company, A Bit Hippy.

hippy ambassador newsDonna has become the oceans ambassador for the brand, which doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or test on animals. She says “the impact common cosmetics have on our bodies and the environment is startling, it’s time we started caring what goes on our skin and down our drains”.

The all-Australian brand is based out of Burleigh Heads, Qld and available online.

You can learn more about the range available at or check out their social media @abithippy

Global Performance Therapy and Seakiss

Seakiss,, the Australian surfkini brand based in Northern NSW have committed to another year with Donna Masing on board as their “Dream Big Ambassador”.

GPT and SeakissCompany Director Rachael Rees is riding a wave of success after their hugely popular range of one piece suits, specifically designed for surfing. The company moved headquarters from Yamba to the Tweed Coast this month and are excited to keep Donna as a brand representative. She says “Donna is an inspiration for all to dream big, go hard and work little by little every day to make that dream come true”

Brand Ambassador News, September 2016

Donna Masing is honoured to have been selected as an ambassador for the Australian health and wellness app, GreenX7. {}

Greenx7 ambassador newsA platform on which users can rate their standing across 8 facets of good health, called the True North cards (nutrition, sleep, relationships, physical Health, purpose, mental health, fun, friendships) to help pick up on areas that could use some improvement. By using suggestions from the X7 core elements (movement, breath, universal, connection, time, earthing, environment) the bottom rated True North cards can be given a boost.


On being chosen to represent the company, Donna says “I’m really excited to be an ambassador for GreenX7 and can’t wait for this app to launch, it’s going to change the way people look at their own health and how they can improve on areas which sometimes miss out on attention.”


You can learn more about GreenX and the app by visiting their website

Global Performance Therapy wins Best New Business on the Tweed Coast 2016!

Donna Masing, the Founder of GPT accepted the award for Best New Business at the International Women’s Day luncheon on March 8th. In her acceptance speech, Miss Masing spoke of the sacrifices that come along with owning your own business, “late nights, early mornings and too many cups of coffee! But this award makes it worth it”

womens day2

Donna was among other winners from the local community, such as Liz Osborne, mother to world champion surfer Mick Fanning, who took out Woman of The Year.

The presenters had this to say about GPT,

“Global Performance Therapy is deserving of this award because it demonstrates how hard work, good practices and talent are all you need to start a successful venture. GPT is committed to helping its’ new community and continues to play an active role. The business motto is “For Every Athlete” – meaning that the Dad who hurt himself playing cricket with the kids gets the same standard of treatment as Joel Parkinson or Mick Fanning. Every patient is an equal, greeted with the same big smile”

Ms Masing is excited about what the future holds for her clinic, with expansion hopes on the horizon.

You can book a treatment with Donna by calling 0423 530 670 or (02) 6671 0000.